Our Grounds Maintenance Services

We offer innovative grounds maintenance services that support the specific needs of our customers. Our services are available nationwide for any sector, including some of the UK’s premier attractions, green spaces and woodlands.

Central to our professional commercial grounds maintenance is our desire to bring together people and nature and provide an enriched environment for customers to enjoy and nature to thrive.

Some routine grounds maintenance that we do includes:

Clearing debris

Whether it’s the fall and there are lots of leaves on the ground, or you live in a windy, rainy climate, clearing debris from your property is necessary to maintain its aesthetic while also keeping it safe for clients, customers and employees. We work hard to bring your property back to its best condition in the springtime or after years of neglect.


Flowers and other plants add a lot of beauty to your property, but with nice plants come the bad ones. We’ll visit your locations to weed your flower beds and other areas to keep your plants healthy and your landscape looking its best.


There’s nothing like the look of a newly mulched landscape. Mulching will not only make your exterior look great but also help with the health of your flowers, shrubs and trees.
Improving shrubs and trees: Over time, your shrubs and trees can become unruly. We’ll step in to prune your flowers, trees, and shrubs and keep the lines of the beds looking pristine. We also will install any plantings that you wish.

We also offer tree brushing and trimming, landscape construction, irrigation and more. With routine maintenance, you’ll know that your properties are always looking their best.